Holographic +Projection

Below are selected works for Film, Video Projection Mapping and Holographic Theater Content.

Applications used:  The Adobe Creative Suite, Maya, Cinema 4D, Blender, Substance Painter, Watchout Projection Mapping software, Resolume Arena, Looking Glass Factory Holographic Creator, DaVinci Resolve & Procreate

experimental short film + Projection mappinG

my apology

holy family chapel –  omaha, nebraska

On June 11th, 2022, Poet and Artist Ikran Hamza curated an event called “Journey Through” at Holy family Chapel. She was joined by fellow poets, artists and filmmakers in which she wanted to shine light on the refugee stories, those that often go unspoken.   Director Tessa V. Wedberg and I had filmed with Ikran in 2019, inspired by a poetry performance she gave months prior.  We ventured out without a script, no shot list, schedule or pre-conceived idea of what the piece would become.  As organically as the piece was filmed, the edit was equally as experimental.  We chipped away at it over many months and trusted the process.  It was inspired by Irkan, her family traditions and the team’s shared love of nature and connection. In 2022, the timing aligned for it’s release and we were presented with an opportunity to use the chapel walls as our canvas. Below are the process videos and a pre-visualization of the film on the chapel walls.  The full Film can be viewed at this link

My role was Cinematographer, Editor, Animator and Projectionist.  This was my first time running the technical side of projection mapping.  In the past, I had been a part of the content creation-side of projection, but hands off from a technical sense.  With virtually no budget, I found access to projectors that were idle at a local art gallery.  Whenever there is a challenge, my curiosity is the driving force for overcoming difficulties.  I thrive in finding solutions and surrounding myself with equally as curious, talented and passionate artists.  The experience was incredibly rewarding and one of my favorite projects I’ve worked on to date. 

Animation Selects.  Patterns seen are inspired by the traditional garments from Ikran’s family.

Pre-Visualization of the Projection at Holy Family Chapel

Gallery installation + Projection mappinG - PitcH

isolation / connection

kaneko art gallery –  omaha, nebraska

During the Pandemic, I was looking for a way to connect with other artists in a meaningful way. Kaneko art gallery is in my backyard and I was inspired to reach out the gallery for opportunities to showcase work during the downtime.   I formed a small group and directed the project through weekly Zoom sessions.  Our team was able to formally pitch the idea, but unfortunately the gallery passed on funding.  Sometimes, the process is equally as fulfilling as the end result.  I’m proud of the art and exploration our team created!  

Animation Selects – inspired by the Nebraska native bird, the Grackle.  The Grackle is a social bird whose feathers illuminate to iridescent shades when exposed to light.  Our installation aimed to compare human’s desires of connection through this idea.

Pre-Visualization of the Projection in the Kaneko Projection Room.  
We had ambitions to transform the inner column of the projection room to a wooden tree, with many facets to project imagery onto. 
Concepts of the tree can be seen in the gallery above.  

Holographic theater content

iExcel + unmc

davis global center at the university of nebraska medicine campus –  omaha, nebraska 

I have had a part-time freelance job through the UNMC Medical Center for creating content for the Holographic Theater.  It’s been a great challenge to work with the proprietary hardware/software of 7thSense Holographic, but it’s rewarding to see our ideas actualized in such an immersive way.  

Animation Selects from a piece called “Carter Tales” where the President of UNMC recounts his time as a Navy Pilot.  This was fun to push the boundaries into a graphic novel style.  It is quite the departure from typical medical content shown in the theater!

Pre-Visualization of the Holographic Theater.

Promotional video of the UNMC Holographic Theater – by Ben Drickey of Torchwerks



omaha, nebraska 

This is an experimental project in the works, blending 3D texturing, mocap and projection mapping.  

BTS of the Process of Making “Contact”