Workshop Unknown Z Dining Table
Nov 2012

Workshop Unknown Z Dining Table

The conversation with our guests around our dinner table, tends to be about the table itself. This was our first collaboration with Workshop Unknown (WUCO). My husband and I searched for a dining table for our home and wanted something unique and sturdy. The mass-produced tables we were seeing felt flimsy and seemed expensive for the value. We decided to approach local furniture makers and were lucky to have found WUCO. They concepted several designs and gave us great options for the wood’s finish and the tabletop material.  The legs are constructed of 1/16″ bent maple veneer and the semi-translucent 3-Form acrylic sits on a custom fabricated steel structure. It was an exciting process to be a part of and we love that it’s such a unique focal point in our home.  If you like the table, check out the conference table version they made for the Flywheel office.


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