Modern Hotel Shoot
Apr 2013

Modern Hotel Shoot

I get such a rush being part of a crew and going on location to do shoots. I was part of a small production team that traveled to Honolulu, Hawaii to shoot footage for the luxury Modern Hotel. I’ve been grateful to Good Theory, who has given me many opportunities to learn from their talented team.  Trevor Kerr is one of the most talented guy’s I know….he took the reigns on the Red Scarlet and I assisted him swapping lenses, setting up lights, holding the boom, charging batteries, transferring footage and running errands for the crew. Mark Argenti directed the shoot and I learned a great deal watching him skillfully interview the talent. The shoot was around 5 days long and consisted of staff interviews as well as shoots of the communal areas including the hotel club, luxury spa, and guest rooms. We also filmed on the beach with local surf pros. After my swollen feet recovered, I had time to reflect and truly appreciate the insight I gained. To see the final videos or read more about this project, visit Good Theory’s Page.

Theory’s site.

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