Greenstreet Custom Bicycle
Dec 2015

Greenstreet Custom Bicycle

Some of the best things we seek can be found in our own neighborhoods. This was certainly the case when I looked to build a custom bicycle. While spending time at Muglife Coffee (one of my favorite cups of coffee in Omaha), I got to know Ben & Sam at the adjacent store, Greenstreet Cycles.  I was looking for an alternative to driving my car around the downtown streets and was lucky they showed interest in a custom build. I concepted a mood board and it probably wasn’t long before they realized how serious (or obsessive) I was taking the design process. As cycling purists, they must have cringed knowing that I wasn’t as concerned if the bicycle functioned as much as wanting it to look damn good! Luckily for me, they are pros at what they do and insisted in using the best parts they could. I couldn’t be happier with how it rides in addition to it looking beautiful. Josh at Trail Performance Coatings added custom paint to the frame and Workshop Unknown took The Linus Delano basket and replaced the metal slats with maple. Please support all these local businesses, they are pros at their respective crafts!





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