Hello.  I’m Kristin Zahra,  a freelance filmmaker and animator from Omaha, Nebraska.  I’m a graduate of Vancouver Film School’s 3D & Visual Effects program with 15+ years 3D generalist experience. 
My curiosity for storytelling began at a young age when I saw Pixar’s earliest short films.  3D animation was in its infancy and I was so intrigued with the potential of storytelling with the emerging medium.  It was during this time that I got a hold of my parent’s 35mm camera and became fascinated with the mechanics and artistry of film.  Fast forward to today, where I still find myself straddling the worlds of analog & digital.  So if you can’t find me in front of my computer, I’m most likely shooting on whatever camera I can get a hold or projecting some old film reels. 
I’m currently directing my first animated Short Film due out this year, blending techniques of all these disciplines I love.  
Please reach out, I’d really enjoy hearing from you!